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“CEO’s Captivating Wife” is a spellbinding journey that weaves together revenge, romance, and the complexities of human emotions. With characters that leap off the pages and a plot that keeps readers hooked from start to finish, this novel promises an unforgettable reading experience. As Winnie and Mr. L navigate their shared past, uncertain future, and burning desires, readers are in for a treat that will leave them captivated until the very last word.

Synopsis Of CEO’s Captivating Wife by Amelia Hart

Her fiancé and step-sister join forces to kidnap her, and she is humiliated and loses her innocence while trying to escape. Winnie, who has come back from the ashes, vows to seek revenge. However, she discovers she is pregnant, and the child’s father comes knocking on her door: Marry me. I’ll torment you, you handle the money, I’ll provide for you, and I want to have three babies with you! Winnie looks at this mysterious man and asks,”Mr. L, can you take off your mask first?” Later, Winnie becomes furious and exclaims,”So it’s you, my archenemy!” The man indulges her and says,”Babe, don’t get angry while you’re pregnant.”

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CEO’s Captivating Wife Chapter 1 – 4

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