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The Silver Wolf Novel is an interesting you should read. It is available in PDF form all you need is your stable internet connection to read and also download for free.

Prologue – The prophecy
In an old house that looks abandoned from the outside, an old man sitting beside the only fire source in the sitting room, holding a very old-looking scroll, and a look of uncertainty was written all over his face.
He stared down at the book in his hand and sighed deeply. he opened it and read what was written in it.
“Despite the divine spirits warning the Lycans should avoid pride because he only held power with the moon goddess’s permission.
The Lycans declared themselves the author of their own good fortune and the designer of their own destiny which led to lots of wars among themselves thereby destroying the earth. when they were at the edge of destroying the planet, a light suddenly appeared from above, and in it came a woman with an ethereal beauty sitting on a white horse. her lovely long flowing hair was beautifully adorned with a crescent moon crown surrounded by stars. she was the moon goddess.

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The Silver Wolf Chapter 1 – 4

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