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“No one in the whole of Yunzhou City would want to marry you, so if you really want the share, get married first!”
Yunzhou City was an enormous place. However, there really might not be anyone who would be willing to marry her…

In a high-end club in Yunzhou City called Lumiere Jade House, Su Ziyue patted her red-strapped dress which barely covered her thighs and tied up her long, curly hair.
After making sure that it was not in a mess, she then marched into the venue with her long, fair legs.

When she arrived at the entrance of the private room, the waiter opened the door for her before respectfully making a ‘welcome’ gesture.
Su Ziyue turned her head and looked at the waiter as her red lips curled into a smile. “Thank you.”

Marry Me Quick Chapter 1 – 5

Marry Me Quick Chapter 6 – 10

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