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Top 8 Highest Paying IT Jobs in Canada

Listed as one of the most demanded industries in Canada, IT is the place to be for professionals, which isn’t going to change anytime soon. One of the reasons Canada is so in demand for IT professionals is that while local Canadians are graduating, the United States is looking for them. This, of course, leaves a great void in the market for qualified foreigners to fill.

As one of the most in-demand fields, IT jobs in Canada offer some of the most competitive salaries and they also continue to grow to ensure that qualified professionals work in Canada.

Although young Canadians are moving to start new lives in the United States in search of greener pastures, the Canadian IT market continues to thrive. Combine the high demand for skilled IT professionals with the incredibly efficient Express Entry system and you can soon become a permanent resident, live and work at the job of your dreams in a beautiful, progressive and multicultural country in just four to six. month.

In-Demand IT Jobs in Canada

8 Highest Paid IT Positions in Canada for 2021
RoleAverage Salary
Developer/ Programmer$110,000
IT Project Manager$91,985
Quality Assurance Analyst$65,000
Data Analyst$60,145
IT Business Analyst$70,817
Senior Software Engineer$100,000
Network Administrator$75,000
Technical Support Specialist$52,500

The Top IT Companies in Canada Hiring Now

The company you work for is important because it is a straightforward interpretation of what you can earn. If you work for the # 1 IT company in Canada, you will likely be paid a lot more than if you worked for the 20th most popular IT company in Canada. In addition to the company you work for, where you work will also show how much money you can make each year. Since many foreigners want to work and move to Canada to improve their careers, prospects and in general their financial situation to improve their quality of life, the company you choose to work for is very important.

Having said that, you need to apply for IT jobs in Canada at various companies. The more opportunities you have in the form of job postings, the more likely you are to earn more for the position you want to be hired for.Advertisements

Canada is proud to offer its residents a high quality of life, which most companies successfully translate into the workplace.

The 10 best tech companies to work for to provide some of the highest paying jobs in Canada according to some of the country’s local employees include:

  1. Microsoft – A highly positive work environment, with 85percent of the company’s employees admitting that they are happy at the company. Microsoft is also one of the most innovative tech companies in the world, which offers IT professionals countless opportunities and some of the highest salaries in the IT industry. Microsoft has four offices in Canada, including one in Saskatchewan, one in Quebec, and two in Ontario.
  2. PointClickCare – As a Cloud-based healthcare software provider, PointClickCare has an 80 percent employee approval rate. The company has six locations between Canada and the United States, with two offices in Canada, including in Toronto and Prince Edward Island.
  3. SAP – This German-based multinational software company is one of Microsoft’s competitors in Canada. It has a 91 percent employee approval rate. The company has eight offices, including in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. There are also SAP training facilities and learning institutions in Ontario.
  4. Ubisoft – Popularly known as one of the legends in the gaming industry, with 74 percent of employees recommending working at Ubisoft to their friends and family. Canada has five Ubisoft offices, including in Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.
  5. Shopify – With 17 offices worldwide, Shopify is an e-commerce giant and a force to be reckoned with. The company has an 80percent employee approval rating. Their offices are located in Quebec and Ontario.
  6. Fortinet – As an IT services organization that has been around since 2000, Fortinet has made huge strides in employee approval, breaking into the top 10 IT companies to work for in Canada. Their office is located in Quebec.
  7. EA – Also a gaming company similar to Ubisoft, EA is known for its video games. Presenting a challenging and competitive environment, working at EA offers a great work/life balance. EA has 39 offices around the world, including an office in British Columbia.
  8. Apple – This popular giant needs no introduction. It is an incredible company to work for that offers a terrific culture but maintains a high bar when it comes to its hiring process. Apple’s offices are located in Ontario, yet there are many Apple stores located throughout Canada.
  9. Telus – As another popular company, Telus is a wireless network operator that offers a dynamic work environment with significant room for growth. The company has many offices in Canada, including in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
  10. Ceridian – Known as a global leader, Ceridean employs nearly 2,000 people in Canada and constantly evolves as a tech giant. The company is a payroll solutions company that offers many opportunities for IT professionals that are responsible for creating, maintaining, and improving these solutions. The company has various locations, including in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Alberta.

Have You Heard of Express Entry?

The Express Entry system was created to speed up and facilitate the immigration process for skilled foreigners from around the world. It requires applicants to create an online profile where they will upload the required documents, such as qualifications and experience.

Once you’ve created a profile, your application will enter a pool of candidates where all of these are used to calculate an Overall Ranking Score (CRS) made up of 1,200 points. Most people trained with average experience will score around 370, but this number can be drastically increased by other factors such as whether you have a degree, experience in your area of expertise, English skills and in French, and if you have a spouse or domestic partner who is qualified or has a high score in any of these categories as well. The last two draws for Express Entry have seen cuts around 370 to 375 points. However, if you are successful in securing a job offer, you can earn a lot more points which will secure your application alongside other applicants.

Canadian Job Offer

If you have a valid job offer from a designated Canadian company, this adds 600 points to your CRS score, securing an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada, provided you meet basic eligibility requirements.

Where Would I Live?

Since where you work directly affects your quality of life, you need to consider where you live. Although Canada is a beautiful country with a multitude of activities to enjoy, you need to determine which province you would like to live in based on your lifestyle and preferences.

The following cities have the highest employment rates for IT professionals. Each is different from the next, but all offer incredible opportunities:


Canada’s Computing Center, located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, is Canada’s southernmost province you can work in, which means it has the least extreme winters and hottest summers. Sought-after IT positions include developers, project managers, analysts and IT engineers.


In the lower corner of the west coast of the country is Vancouver, British Columbia, the city has a vibrant nightlife and a vibrant downtown. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Vancouver Island is just a ferry ride away.


Montreal, regularly voted the most beautiful city in Canada, has a distinctively European atmosphere due to its large French population. The perfect combination of Europe and Canada needs developers and programmers.


In the heart of Canada, bordering beautiful Banff and Jasper National Park, lies the capital of Alberta, Calgary. Due to the rapid growth of its economy, the demand for IT professionals is very high in this province.


Just hours north of Calgary is the rapidly growing city of Edmonton, which also borders national parks. Edmonton is in high demand for IT, public administration and systems design functions in universities.

Find Your Dream IT Job in Canada

The process of finding in-demand employment in Canada that matches your area of IT expertise and skills is easier than you previously thought. This is because countless opportunities fill the 13 provinces and territories of Canada.

With thousands of tech positions to fill across the country, many professionals are eager to relocate to the Great White North, and one of the main reasons is that the IT industry offers some of the highest paying jobs in Canada today.

With continuous innovation, there is no doubt that the demand for IT professionals is increasing, and with all that Canada has to offer, why is it difficult to take your next big step?

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