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Novel Synopsis

Valerie, the daughter of the murdered Alpha of the Yellow Stone Pack, could never lead the pack because she had a Luna wolf.
Her mate, Tristan, was made the Alpha in her stead.
After assuming the title of Alpha, Valerie was set up and brutally rejected, not only by Tristan but also her whole pack, and her kid sister, Scarlet, with whom Tristan had secret affairs. “I reject Luna Valerie as my mate. She was caught in bed with a stranger, meaning that she would sell the pack out.
The punishment for treachery is death,” Alpha Tristan announced heartlessly.
The chants from the pack members and visiting Alphas who had come for the Alphas’ conference attracted them to the judgment.

No one thought that Alpha Denzel, whose name caused the hairs on their skin to stand straight due to his ruthlessness, would make it to the conference.
Valerie found hope when she realized that Alpha Denzel was her second chance mate, but painstakingly, she was rejected once again.
The double rejection caused her to lose her wolf, and she was condemned to die by all the Alphas present.
She thought her fate was sealed when Alpha Denzel left and a warrior was ready to execute her.
Everyone was shocked when Alpha Denzel suddenly turned around. “Stop! The treacherous daughter of a late Alpha should not be killed.
More suffering awaits her,” he declared. Valerie’s heart dropped when she saw his dark look, which was like a bottomless pit, as she blacked out from exhaustion.
A few months down the line, there was a war among the Alphas as they began to lay claim to the two-times-rejected Luna.
With her wolf dead, will the moon goddess be gracious to give her another wolf?
And which Alpha would be able to melt her now cold heart?

Two Times Rejected Luna, The Desire Of All Alphas Chapter 1 – 5

Two Times Rejected Luna, The Desire Of All Alphas Chapter 6 – 21

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