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The forest was a different kind of silence. It was a silence that didn’t envelope you, didn’t make you lonely. It made you feel apart of it, it beckoned you to become part of it. The wind through the trees and grass, the birds making their calls, the bugs alerting each other of their presence. It was a place wher you could just breathe in the fresh air. As a werewolf, the forest meant so much to us. It was a freedom and peace that we reveled in. Being in the trees being with nature was just a nature state of being.
I took another deep breath. It was a safe place, a place where there wasn’t anyone bothering you, where you could just be safe in its….
I sighed. “Yes, Maddie, I’m here.” I didn’t know how long I had been missing from the house but apparently it was long enough for my half-sister to come……

Alpha’s Blind Luna Chapter 1 – 5

Alpha’s Blind Luna Chapter 6 – 10

Alpha’s Blind Luna Chapter 11 – 15

Alpha’s Blind Luna Chapter 16 – 20

Alpha’s Blind Luna Chapter 21 – 23

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