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My All-Round Husband is a Chinese novel that has been translated and popularized by some English translation app for readers to read and also download online. My All-Round Husband is a very romantic story about a man who was good at every possible thing in his marriage and thus where the title My All-Round Husband was carved out from.

I will be posting all the latest chapters of My All-Round Husband here so make sure you check in timely.


This year, because of his adoptive mother, he not only used up his family’s savings and all his loans but also married into the Tang family to get some extra money. He worked like a slave in the Tang family. His dignity was gone, and he only received five hundred thousand yuan for it. But the money was taken away by the hospital in a blink of an eye. He only had a mobile phone and ten yuan left on him. “I still need hundred thousand, one hundred thousand…” Thinking of the figure that the doctor mentioned, he was desperate. He was at the end of the road. Where would he get another hundred thousand? However, he could not just watch his mother die without at least trying his best. “No, I have to borrow 100,000 yuan.” He wiped his tears, gritted his teeth, and stood up, “I can’t let anything happen to my mother.”

So what if he lost his dignity? 

People were walking up and down the hospital corridor.However, Darren Ye weren’t bothered at all. He squatted in a corner and burst into tears.”Your mother’s stomach tumor has taken a change for the worse. She only has a month left unless she goes for the operation. It’s going to cost 100,000 yuan. “The doctor’s words pricked into his heart like needles.But Darren couldn’t afford it at all.

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My All-Round Husband Chapter 1 – 40

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