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Synopsis Of The Stand In Princess by Torri Toole Novel

The stand in princess is a novel written by the author torri toole. “Elanora Via Florden second princess of the Befriel Kingdom has refused to wed the King of Andal as part of a peace treaty. The King has decided that even though I am not of royal blood, I will be standing in for her. Elanora has not been seen by anyone other than the royal family and those closest to the king since birth. So it will not be a problem if I stand in for her.” I said, trying to get my voice to stop shaking.
I stood in fear as the king acknowledged my presence for the first time since I had entered the room. His Highness eyed me up and down as if appraising a new piece of livestock. Taking a small step towards me, I could hear him muttering to himself about how it may just work. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. How could he even entertain the idea of me replacing a Princess to marry a foreign king?
To protect her mother, Cora marries Tarak Bahl instead of the princess. He’s a brutish former slave from a ruined kingdom, now a king. Can she pull off deceiving such a ruthless man or will she end up as one of his countless victims?..

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The Stand In Princess Chapter 1 – 8

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