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Betrayed by his girlfriend, a young professor receives an ancient superpower from an abandoned artifact to seek revenge and save the world. Henry never expected to find his girlfriend alone with another man when he came home from work. Not only that, but she defended her affair by saying that Henry’s salary as a professor was too small to make her happy. In his predicament, an ancient tablet gives him the power to take revenge and conquer the world.

“Slow down, my love! I can’t keep up with you moving so fast!”
A girl’s melodious voice sounded as Henry opened the door to his apartment.
In an instant, his body tensed and his heart raced wildly.
“Isn’t that Darcie’s voice?”
Darcie Baker was the first girl Henry had met since moving to Waterside City six years ago.
Since their first meeting, she had been exceptionally kind to Henry, even offering to let him stay in the same apartment.
They started dating two years later. But to this day, on their fourth anniversary, Henry had never laid a hand on Darcie, let alone kissed her.
Aside from dining out and going to the movies, the furthest they had gone was holding hands.
After graduating from college two years ago, Darcie had become a bank teller.
Meanwhile, Henry, who had studied Ancient Culture at the University of Waterside.

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