How to Get a Canadian Work Visa from Hong Kong

Hong Kong people who would like to work in Canada are in the best position to advance their careers in the Far North. This is because Canada recognizes the talent and skills that many Hong Kong residents can bring to its workforce and economy. For the same reason, Canada introduced a new special Hong Kong work permit in November 2020 to make it easier for young Hong Kong residents to come to Canada and gain valuable work experience.

To top it off, a new path to permanent residence is being prepared to pave the way for a permanent future in Canada for residents of Hong Kong. If you want to take advantage of the incredible opportunities available in Canada, take the first step and find out how to get a Canadian work visa in Hong Kong valid for three years.

How to Get a Work Permit in Canada from Hong Kong

Young people from Hong Kong who have graduated within the past five years, inside or outside of Canada, may be eligible for an open work permit in Canada. under Hong Kong’s new special measures. The good news is that an open work permit is the most requested type of work permit that is issued to specific foreign workers under very special circumstances. Find out what makes this permit so unique!

What is an Open-Work Permit?

An open work permit is extremely flexible. It allows you to work in any of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, and you generally don’t need to hire a job in Canada to qualify for this category of work permit. It has quick visa processing times of just two weeks, and if you have a job offer, it doesn’t need to be backed up by a positive impact assessment document. labor market.

What Do You Need to Get a Hong Kong Work Permit?

You must have a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport or British Overseas Nationality (BNO) passport to apply for this Canadian special work visa from Hong Kong. The work permit will be valid for three years, from the date of approval or until your passport expires. So be sure to renew your passport to maximize your stay in Canada.Advertisements

Hongkongers applying from inside of Canada

If you are currently living in Canada as a student, worker, or visitor, you must first apply for an extension of status, then you can create an account online and submit your application forms and supporting documents. Another big plus is that Hong Kong residents in Canada are exempt from paying the $ 155 work permit processing fee under Hong Kong Special Measures. The most common documents you need are:

  • Proof of fee exemption letter;
  • Copy of education credential, transcripts, or proof of enrolment at a post-secondary educational institution;
  • Copy of your HKSAR or BNO passport (all pages must be included);
  • Digital photo; and
  • Family Information Form (IMM 5707)

Hongkongers applying from outside of Canada

If you are applying from outside of Canada, you may be affected by current travel restrictions. To travel to Canada, you need a valid job offer from a Canadian employment provider before you can apply for the Hong Kong Special Canadian Open Work Visa. If your work permit is approved and you are issued a covering letter (LOI), you can travel to Canada and after completing your 14-day quarantine you can start working! The most common documents you need are:

  • A copy of your work history;
  • Copy of education credential, transcripts, or proof of enrolment at a post-secondary educational institution;
  • Copy of your HKSAR or BNO passport (all pages must be included);
  • Digital photo; and
  • Family Information Form (IMM 5707)

Popular Jobs in Canada for Hongkongers

The people of Hong Kong tend to have an excellent command of the English language and are highly skilled and educated, making them the perfect complement to fuel Canada’s economic recovery.

1. STEM Professionals

Canada has a constant demand for professionals trained in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Canadian companies typically hire Hong Kong workers in these industries through the Global Talent Stream (GTS). It’s a special program that speeds up work permit applications in just two weeks. The Canadian work visa that you get through the GTS is not an open work permit, but rather an employer-specific work permit that specifies who you can work for, where you can work, and for how long. GTS workers have the highest success rate in becoming Canadian permanent residents, as they easily qualify for immigration programs like the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

2. Small Business Owners

Canada welcomes immigrants not only because they fill jobs in demand across the country, but also because they start businesses that create more jobs for Canadians. Hong Kong people are often savvy business people who understand the means of production and know what it takes to run successful businesses.

There is a multitude of business opportunities in Canada. In fact, Richmond’s Aberdeen Center is a major Asian mall in Vancouver that is full of Chinese restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets, and butchers. You can immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong as a business owner through the startup or investor visa program, among other programs.

3. Healthcare Workers

Canada has one of the best public health systems in the world. To maintain its excellent level of service and short wait times, Canada is welcoming more healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, licensed practical nurses, and caregivers from Hong Kong to work in Canada. You can get a Canadian work visa as a healthcare worker or you can directly apply to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry system.

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