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The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Novel Synopsis

“Mac, are you sure you want to do this?”
Savannah Kirkland eyed her best friend carefully.
“You know if you return to Milan to file this divorce, he’ll come after you.”

“It’s time I moved on.
I can’t start dating someone when I’m still married to someone else.
Derrick is a nice guy and I’d like to give him a chance, but I want to start with a clean slate.”
Mackenna lifted her slender shoulders into an elegant shrug.
“Besides Alessandro didn’t want me five years ago so I doubt very much he’ll want me now. He made his choice.”

Billionaire and mogul Alessandro Giordano was a world-renown fashion designer holding the position of CEO of the Giordano Fashion House of Milan,
a company founded by his great-grandfather and was now one of the most influential fashion companies in the world.

Alessandro had selected a young model to be the face of his company barely a year into their marriage and a year before Mackenna had left him.
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The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Chapter 1 – 38

The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Chapter 39 – 58

The Billionaire’s Prodigal Wife Chapter 59 – end

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