How to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job

Contrary to popular belief, did you know that not only can you immigrate to Canada without a degree, but you can also immigrate to Canada without a job?

While having a job offer can optimize your chances of success in the visa application process through immigration options like the Express Entry system and will make your life much easier upon arrival in Canada, it is not. not a prerequisite.

There are currently over 72,000 jobs listed on Job Bank, the official website of the Government of Canada, as well as on popular websites such as Monster, Indeed, Randstad, and eJobbo, which means there are plenty of opportunities for them. foreign workers looking for work in Canada.

With immigration targets to invite 1 million skilled and semi-skilled foreigners to join the Canadian family by 2020, and more than 400,000 by 2021, and an immigration system that offers more than 70 different immigration options, now may be the right time to move to Canada and start your Canadian visa application.

Can I Really Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer?

The answer is a resounding yes! Canada has several immigration and visa options that will allow you to immigrate to Canada without a job offer. Below are some of the main options to consider.Advertisements

  • Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker Program; and
  • Provincial Nominee Program.

Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is one of 3 immigration programs administered by the Express Entry system. It is designed to help highly skilled foreign workers immigrate to Canada and obtain permanent residence. The three minimum requirements that must be met before your visa application is assessed are:

FSWP Minimum Requirements
Skilled Work ExperienceYou must have worked in a NOC 0, A, or B job (managerial, professional, technical, or skilled trade job) for at least 1 year
Language AbilityA minimum score of CLB7 in reading, writing, listening and speaking (language test required as proof)
EducationSecondary or post-secondary institution – if acquired outside of Canada you will need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Once you have met the minimum requirements, your application will be assessed against the following criteria, for which you can earn points. You will need at least 67 out of a possible 100 points to be considered eligible to immigrate to Canada through the FSWP.

FSWP Points System
AgeMaximum of 12 points
Skilled Work ExperienceMaximum of 15 points
Language AbilityMaximum of 28 points
EducationMaximum of 25 points
AdaptabilityMaximum of 10 points
Valid Job Offer (if applicable)Maximum of 10 points

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, you will also need to ensure that you have sufficient settlement funds for yourself and your family and that you are considered admissible to Canada.

Once you have met all the requirements and obtained a score above 67, you can create your Express Entry profile online, which will be graded according to the Comprehensive Classification System (CRS), which is a different system from the FSWP. . You will receive a CRS score of 1200 possible points, then your profile will be entered into a draw pool where those with the highest scores will be selected to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is for semi-skilled and unskilled workers who have qualifications and work experience that match the skills required in a particular province or territory. While most PCPs require you to have a valid job offer for at least a year to qualify, some do not and will allow you to immigrate to Canada without a job.

Below are some of the best PCPs that will allow you to gain permanent residence without having a job offer in Canada.

  • Alberta Express Entry Stream;
  • Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream;
  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Category;
  • Nova Scotia Demand – Express Entry Stream; and
  • Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream.

Each of these streams has its own set of minimum requirements, which includes an Express Entry profile and you will be required to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to the province of your choice.

If successful, you will receive a Provincial Nomination worth an additional 600 CRS Points to add to your Profile Score. Ultimately, this could guarantee your success in your application for permanent residence in Canada.

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