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The Daughter-In-Law Novel is a novel in PDF format. Its complete so you don’t need to wait daily for chapters and it is also free.

The Daughter-In-Law Novel Synopsis

I do not want your hag of a mother in my home for the holidays. I moved around the room as i speak because if i stood still too long i might commit a murder.

”Vanessa i’ve asked you not to refer to my mother like that”.

Why not? she calls me worst and i’ve got the facebook posts to prove it”.

”She is my mom. What do you expect me to do?”

”I expect you to grow a pair and tell that nut job how it is or there’s gonna be hell to pay.”

”Baby, come on, can’t you just try for me?. He was advancing but i was onto his shit, no way; not this time buddy.

”What? you mean for the one-hundredth time? Uh-uh all trials are over, she failed. When people fail the trial period you don’t hire them. You should know that you’re a captain in the army. If your ass had failed boot camp that shit would be out; and let me tell you something, boot camp ain’t got shit would be out; and let me tell you something, boot camp ain’t got shit on a new daughter-in-law trying to fit in with a narcissistic tyrants set on destruction.

”She is not that bad”

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Daughter-In-Law Chapter 11 – 15

Daughter-In-Law Chapter 16 – 20

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