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The Alpha Chose Me Novel Synopsis

Today was another day closer to leaving.

Staring up at the sold sign that was perched on our front lawn a sigh fell from my lips.
I had lived in Florida for as long as I could remember.
This was my home, this was my moms home and I wasn’t ready to leave. Being here was the only place I felt close to her.

My mom died shortly after I was born. Bad labour, lots of blood lost. They couldn’t save her. I was raised by my grandmother.
“Still staring at that sign I see”.

She knew I wasn’t big on the idea of leaving. I didn’t want to move and have to start all over again.
I was happy here, I had friends here, Tommy was here.
At 18 I was doing pretty well. I was getting straight As, had a part time job, all in all my life was good.

It was all going to be taken away from me by this time tomorrow.
How was I suppose to leave my friends? my boyfriend?.
“Leah you’re 18 years old. You’ll make new friends, you’ll get a new boyfriend. We need this change honey, it’ll be good for us”.
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