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The Ceo’s Ex-Wife Novel Synopsis

‘I loved you more than anything else, your were my world, while to you I was just a piece of gum on your shoe’
I thought our love was paradise, that no matter what happened to us we would be okay, but now that I look back on our memories,
on our relationship, I see now that it was only me who thought we were perfect,
that it was only me holding on to our so called love, and there is only so much pain one person can take before they give up.

But could I give up on him?
How can I?
I have loved him more than I have loved anyone before, he is my home and my vacation all in one, but was the feeling not mutual, was our marriage based on a lie?
As a thousand questions consume my mind, with self doubt and insecurities take over me, as I wonder who I am without, will I be anything better with him?

For without him I am just ‘THE CEO’S EX-WIFE’
Valery Maine a Navie girl was hopelessly in love with Noah Austin, she was blinded by her love for him she didn’t see that the ‘love’ they had was nothing but a lie..
With everything around begin to fall apart, will she be able to move on, will her love for him blind her again, or will she find a new love?
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The Ceo’s Ex-Wife chapter 1 – 5

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 6 – 10

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 11 – 15

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 16 – 20

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 21 – 25

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 26 – 30

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 31 – 35

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 36 – 40

The Ce’s Ex-Wife chapter 41 – 43

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