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It’s hot. I feel so hot…
Courtney wondered if it was because she had drunk too much as she felt hot all over. Then,
she vaguely heard what she thought was the sound of the door being pushed open.
When she forced herself to open her eyes and look toward the only light source, she saw a
few people standing perfectly straight at the door with reverence. They were greeting a tall
and erect figure that was walking toward them from the other end of the red carpet.
The man’s long legs came to a stop before he asked in a cold voice, “Have you confirmed
that she’s clean?”

“Yes, Master.”What are they saying? Who is that guy? Is he Isaac?Courtney wanted to open
her eyes wide to see the man carefully, but the room to the door was closed. Now, she
couldn’t see anything clearly; she could only hear the sound of someone’s footsteps
approaching her bed.

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