Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel PDF Read/Download Online.

Synopsis Of Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel.

The story revolves around Cora Lane and Byron Hansen. Cora, in a drunken state at the rooftop bar Spire 73, encounters a handsome man whom she attempts to kiss. To her surprise, the man reveals himself as Byron, the uncle of her ex-fiancé, Eason Patton. Despite warnings, Cora and Byron engage in a passionate night. The next morning, Byron hints that their encounter was a one-night stand, and Cora, having financial troubles, seeks help from Eason. However, when she visits Eason’s mansion, she discovers Byron there, creating an unexpected encounter…

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Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Chapter 1 – 20

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