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The Novel The Princess and the Paupers is an romance about Arabella. Arabella spent 18 years thinking she was a member of the wealthy Murphy family, only to discover she was a fake rich girl. When the real heiress returned, Arabella was cast aside and sent back to her poor hometown. But fate had other plans for her, as she soon discovered that her hometown was actually the most exclusive villa area in the country. In a single night, Arabella went from a modestly wealthy girl to the true heiress of a top-tier elite family. Her biological parents showered her with love, handing her millions of dollars in pocket money, providing access to any car from their fleet, and letting her buy anything from the world’s top designers. As for school, the best institutions were at her fingertips, and if she didn’t feel like studying, she could play with the family company.

But what shocked Arabella the most was finding out she had an ex-fiancé. She couldn’t understand why he kept clinging to her, holding her hand, and trying to kiss her. “Who are you, sir?” Arabella asked, annoyed. “Sweetheart, I’m your husband,” the ex-fiancé responded. “I don’t have a husband, only a former fiancé who wants to….

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The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 1 – 50

The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 51 – 100

The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 111 – 115

The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 116 – 120

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