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Saving Nora Novel Synopsis

Nineteen-year-old Nora Smith had never been intimate with any man,
yet she received a shocking diagnosis from the doctor: she was four months pregnant.
Nora now faced ridicule from the public due to her unexplained pregnancy.

This situation made her an unlikely match for Anthony Gray, her fiancé, who not only possessed good looks but also came from an upper-class family.
Nora’s father tried to console Anthony by suggesting they send away the baby after it was born.
However, Nora had already developed a strong attachment to her unborn child and refused to part with it, even if it meant risking the end of her engagement.
Five years later, Nora returned from abroad with her adorable daughter, Cherry.
Miraculously, Nora’s obesity had been cured, transforming her into a gorgeous lady.

Their return served as an opportunity to officially call off the engagement, but their true purpose was to search for Nora’s missing son.
Nora had given birth to twins, but her son had vanished mysteriously.
What awaits Nora and Cherry upon their return after five years?
Read the complete novel to find out.

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Saving Nora Chapter 16 – 20

Saving Nora Chapter 21 – 45

Saving Nora Chapter 46 – 50

Saving Nora Chapter 66 – 70

Saving Nora Chapter 91 – 95

Saving Nora Chapter 96

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