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Novel Synopsis

In Washburn Orphanage, a little girl of about eight to nine years was seen
surrounded by other
children her age, with a pitiful look on her beautiful face, she seemed to be crying,
“I didn’t steal it, it’s mine,you stole it from me.” She pointed at the girl in front of
her, almost the
same age like her but the latter was chubby with the crying girl was so skinny but
“It’s a lie,our Jasmine isn’t a thief and she won’t steal your jade.” A young girl from
the crowd
“I’m not lying, the jade is mine,my mama had given it to me before she….”
“You’re a liar and a thief, our princess Jasmine is no thief like you.” Another child yelled,

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The Billionaire’s Surrogate Chapter 1 – 30

The Billionaire’s Surrogate Chapter 31 – 77

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