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Nora Hill could not believe she had been such a brave fool when she was with Steward Mandel!​
However, Nora was no longer a headstrong woman she used to be for she had been rejected by him with frustration. ​
For a thousand times, Nora wanted to give upon on Steward.​
But in fact, when she finally could stand by Steward, she only felt sad and mournful …… 

A Bitter Romance Novel Synopsis

It is a cold and quiet night.
Nora Hill was lying on the edge of the bed, looking at Steward Mandel with affection.
“This is my husband who I will give my whole heart to.” Nora thought.
She reached out her shaking finger to sketch the outline of Steward in the air. What she was thinking was to touch him for real.
At that time, she recalled her doctor’s words in the daytime.
Her doctor said to her, “The CT results show that there is a malignant tumour in your brain. It is commonly called brain cancer.”
All of a sudden, she felt a gush of dark red blood pouring out of her nose.
Nora got rattled and she was afraid to wake Steward up. So she covered her nose with her hands and ran to the bathroom to wash the blood off.
Though Nora did everything quietly, the sound of the running water from the bathroom woke up Steward who was a light sleeper.
He scolded without any patience, “Why the loud?
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