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The Alpha King Call Boy Novel Synopsis

Fiona, a perfect Luna, is left heartbroken when she discovers her fiancé has cheated on her.
In an impulsive act of revenge, she orders a call boy for a night of wild passion.
As the sun rises the next morning, she leaves cash behind and slips away, believing she’s had her sweet revenge.

Little does Fiona know, her life is about to take a jaw-dropping turn when she finds herself pregnant after the passionate night with the call boy.
Amid the turmoil and crisis of her unplanned pregnancy, she accidentally crosses paths with the man from that fateful night.
However, the man who stands before her isn’t just any call boy, but the future Alpha King—her fiancé’s boss.

Her heart races as she gazes at the powerful figure towering before her.
The Alpha King smirks, cornering her with an air of dominance and desire.
Raising an eyebrow, he taunts Fiona with a question that sends shivers down her spine: “A call boy, huh?”
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The Alpha King Call Boy Chapter 1 – 5

The Alpha King Call Boy Chapter 6 – 10

The Alpha King Call Boy Chapter 11 – 15

The Alpha King Call Boy Chapter 16

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