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Broken Mate is a Chinese romantic novel translated, published and popularized some English translation apps for readers and book lovers alike to enjoy.

Broken Mate is a novel with a very heart-wrenching story filled with so many painful and emotional situations and every character was tested thoroughly.

All latest and newest chapters will be posted here timely so stay tuned.


“Close your eyes Rain.” My mother says looking at me, both of us standing at the edge of the cliff.
“But momma? Won’t this hurt?” Six-year-old me asks.
“No… will be fast…..and then we’ll be flying with the angels.”
She says in a whisper looking up at the cloudy skies with tears streaming down her cheeks and a peaceful smile.
The wind blows our hairs and white dresses, the cliff stands tall overlooking the whole forest.
“Come.” She whispers as she takes a step forward to the emptiness.
As I hesitate, she pulls me with her.

Broken Mate Chapter 1 – 5

Broken Mate Chapter 6 – 10

Broken Mate Chapter 11 – 15

Broken Mate Chapter 16 – 30

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