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Four or Dead Novel is an amazing and interesting novel and has awesome characters that can make you keep reading and hoping it shouldn’t end, its was formatted into PDF so that it can be easy to access and read for free. To be happy reading this novel, just stay in an area that has network connectivity then in your browse type there you can search for the novel and read or download to read at your convenience.

Synopsis Of Four Or Dead Novel

Watching Emma walk off with the new kid had Logan in knots. Out of all of us, he could
play off most of his emotions but when it came to Emma he couldn’t hide anything. He
was fuming and we knew nothing we said would calm him down. Emma had a calming
effect on him and now she was walking off with some other guy. This made Logan
murderous if the look on his face was any indication of the anger inside him.
“Dude, you need to chill, okay? If you go after that guy Emma will be furious.” Leo
reminded Logan.
Leo wasn’t happy about this either but he was a lot calmer than the rest of us. Jayden
and I were the silent angry type, so you would never know just how pissed we are until
our fist connected to your face. Leo was unpredictable, one minute he could be chill and
the next he would choke a guy until they passed out.

Four or Dead Chapter 1 – 25

Four or Dead Chapter 26 – 34


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