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Kids From One Alpha

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Kids from One Alpha Novel Synopsis

Return to Night Sky Pt. 1

When Serena drove across the border into Night Sky pack territory, a moment of hesitation struck her heart.
Her foot itched to press the break and reconsider, but she clenched her hands on the steering wheel and kept going. No!
She‘d come too far to turn back now, and all because she had a case of jitters of the last time she‘d been there?

Night Sky wasn‘t the pack Serena had been born into,
but she was returning from medical school and had been offered a residency position at the new medical building in Night Sky territory.
It was a smart move for her to make for her career.

Starseeker, the pack she‘d been born into, had always been close allies to Night Sky,
so she would still get to see her father, Alpha of Starseeker, her mother who was Luna, and her twin brother Santino.
If she was being perfectly honest with herself, Serena was glad for the chance to step out of her brother‘s shadow.

He had been selected to be the next Alpha, so her parents were always working with him and training with him.
Serena didn‘t mind, he was her twin! But she wanted the chance to prove herself, and it was better to do that in a fresh environment.
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