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Fated to Them Novel Synopsis

I stare out the passenger side window watching the unknowing humans going about their boring lives as we drive to work.
We owned the biggest tech company in the country, and worked alongside humans yet I couldn’t tolerate them.
I sneer as I watch them disgusted, I hardly remember what it feels like to be human, nor do I want to be that weak again.

Revolting things human, I hated this part of our Job, hated that I had to tolerate these disgusting beings.
I only have to tolerate them for a few meetings, I try to remind myself.
I usually send Eli, he is better at dealing with humans than me and he didn’t crave their blood, nor have a hunger for their d***h’s and the urges I had….

Fated to Them Chapter 1 – 5

Fated to Them Chapter 6 – 10

Fated to Them Chapter 11 – 15

Fated to Them Chapter 16 – 20

Fated to Them Chapter 21 – 45

Fated to Them Chapter 46 – 64

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