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The White King’s Favorite Novel is an interesting and amazing it was written by Jenny Fox.
to read and download The White King’s Favorite Novel, simply open your internet browser and type in ,and once it opens, navigate to the search bar and type The White King’s Favorite Novel, once it loads you can begin to read this novel online or download it for offline convenience.

it is historical stories of the ancient southern Kingdom, through this Novel, the author narrated the Kingdom’s believe and lifestyle.

Synopsis of The White King’s Favorite Novel

Cassandra the goddess meeting Yassim and confided in him as the brave man she had ever met not even minding his dirty look but was comfortable with him.

They finally arrived in what seemed like a large garden. A very, very large garden within
the Palace’s walls. This Empire’s Palace seemed as large as a small city from the
outside, but Yassim had never imagined it would be so vast it could actually have such
a grand garden, with even a lake! The place was lovely though, and the grass was very
green despite the sun and heat. There were a few trees here and there, and under one
of those, nearest to the lake, a group of young people were seated.

Yassim having heard much about their Kingdom and their young brave King

Honestly speaking, everything he had heard previously about the Dragon Empire had
made him think he was lucky!

The White King’s Favorite Chapter 1 – 5

The White King’s Favorite Chapter 6 – 10

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