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  • Book Name: Take My Breath Away novel
  • Publish date: 2022
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Romance
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“Here’s the divorce agreement, Philip. I’ve already signed it. Please give it to Carlos.”
It was difficult for Debbie Nelson to work up the nerve to hand the divorce agreement to Philip Brown, the Hilton family’s steward.

Sighing in resignation, Philip went over the document and noticed clauses that made him frown.
He looked at the girl sharply and bellowed, “Debbie!” Incredulous, he asked, “Do you realize how stupid this is?
I can understand if you want to divorce Carlos. After all, you haven’t seen him for the past three years. But why aren’t you asking for any money?”

Debbie was an undergraduate with no father or mother. In Philip’s opinion, she shouldn’t want a divorce, let alone get out of the marriage without any money.
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