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My Alpha’s Wolfless Daughter Novel Synopsis

Ayla’s life was perfect until her mother’s tragic death, when Ayla was only 15.
With no father on her birth certificate and no other family. She was sent to foster care.
It was there Ayla learned nothing was free, and she run away.
Hiding from everyone until she turned eighteen and could finally move on with her life.
She was so close to her dream job until something attacked her in the forest and her life was about to take a mysterious turn,
not one she ever expected. And with someone she never thought was possible.

Nate is the future beta of his pack. He’s twenty-two and has been waiting four years to meet his mate.
When he’s on patrol with some of his pack in the middle of the mountains, he finds her.
He believes she human. And even though they are mates, he’s unsure if he can leave his family and pack behind.
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My Alpha’s Wolfless Daughter Chapter 1 – 5

My Alpha’s Wolfless Daughter Chapter 6 – 8

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