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Super Billionaire is a romantic Chinese novel. The English version is translated and popularized online by some English translation apps.

In this page, I will be posting the latest chapters of Super Billionaire Chinese novel which you can read online or download as PDF conveniently.

Synopsis of Super Billionaire

Qingyang City at the gate of Gorgeous Tripod Building Duane Lin stood with a smile, holding two movie tickets in his hand. At this point, a man and a woman walked out of the building, the man was in a suit and his Vacheron Constantin watch, BMW key were quite eye-catching. The woman was curvy and pretty, the two of them were talking and laughing.”Fifi” seeing the woman in his sight, Duane Lin immediately welcomed her with a smile. The woman’s face scowled at once as soon as she notice….


Super Billionaire Novel is password protected and the password is VAMP20

Super Billionaire Chapter 1 – 170

Super Billionaire Chapter 41 – 80

Super Billionaire Chapter 81 – 120

Super Billionaire Chapter 121 – 160

Super Billionaire Chapter 161 – 200

Super Billionaire Chapter 201 – 240

Super Billionaire Chapter 241 – 280

Super Billionaire Chapter 281 – 320

Super Billionaire Chapter 321 – 360

Super Billionaire Chapter 361 – 380

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