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Read The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Novel on Myfinder written by the author Aarikeee, This is a Chinese novel with Fantasy Romance stories.

Synopsis Of The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Novel

No one saw that in the dark
moonlight, wearing white tights, a girl deftly climbed up 3.28 meters of wire to quietly slip into
this prison called “Sin Prison”. The girl was named He Xi, she was merely nineteen years old
but had already become the fearless gold medal assassin of the dark world. If she deployed
one drop of poison she could destroy a whole city; If she flipped her silver needles she can
revive the dead and restore flesh to bones. She was an impenetrable defense in ordinary
people’s eyes, however she had a little trouble with this level. An hour later He Xi passed
through the lasers on the wall that seemed like a knitted net finally arriving in front of
unremarkable prison door. “He Xi, you really came to save me!” The prison door opened and
a young handsome man looking pleasantly surprised rushed out to hold her. She could feel
the mans slightly trembling body and tightly embraced him. He Xi’s chilled heart held a trace
of softness. Experience from childhood had made He Xi’s nature become firm, persistent
and icily arrogant, but only this man – Leng Ye, was different to her. The two had become
partners in the organization and trained together, completed missions together, helping each
other through mountains of daggers and seas of flames. They are not lovers but their
friendship is more profound than love. He Xi hugged him gently and softly said: “We are
partners, if you are in danger how can I not come to save you?” “He Xi, He Xi!” Leng Ye’s
hoarse voice was trembling, he was holding her hands but couldn’t relax, “I really want to be
with you in this lifetime, unfortunately…” He Xi wanted to ask unfortunately what, when she
felt a sharp pain come from her abdomen. She suddenly pushed Leng Ye away and
staggered back a few steps, shocked at the knife she could see inserted into her abdomen,
she looked back at Leng Ye: “Why…..” Under the dim light Leng Ye’s complexion become
sinister, from his mouth emerged a crazy laugh: “He Xi I blame you….blame you for not
willing to be loved by me, refusing to accept me as your man….since I can’t have you, it
would be better to follow the organization’s order to kill you!” He Xi’s body was shaking,
looking into the man’s eyes she saw that they were filled with pain and anger. She didn’t love
Leng Ye and had rejected his proposal, in her eyes Leng Ye was just a brother, the best partner.
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The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1 – 20

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