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Synopsis of Novel New Beginnings by Dana Knowles

Gandra. General Hospital. “Congratulations. You’re pregnant. The baby is in good health.” Victoria Selwyn’s hands clenched around the report as she dazedly stared at the doctor. Pregnant? It was a happy surprise. She could not believe her ears. “Remember to come in for regular appointments. Where is the father? Call him in. I have some instructions for him.” The doctor’s words snapped her out of her thoughts. “My husband’s not with me today,” she replied with an awkward smile. “Honestly, even if he’s busy, he should still be with his family,” the doctor exclaimed. It was drizzling when she finally stepped out of the hospital. She stroked her abdomen. There is now a tiny life growing in there. A child that belongs to Alaric and me…

New Beginnings Chapter 1 – 50

New Beginnings Chapter 51 – 60

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