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Paragon Of Sin Novel is a Chinese novel translated into the English language with the help of English translation apps. This was done for the novel to reach more audiences across the globe. Paragon Of Sin Novel is in portable format known as the PDF so that it is easily accessible.

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Synopsis Of Paragon Of Sin Novel

Wei Wuyin played within a wooden bath, his eyes filled with wonder as he scrubbed his body with a beige loofah. The water had a tinge of green, filled with wood energy, and felt wonderful on the skin. It had already been half an hour since he entered the bath. The room he was in had walls constructed from tree bark, its texture smoothed out by some form of sanding method. It had a single door and large enough to hold a dozen people. Pa! Pa! A woman walked into the bath with clear steps, drawing Wei Wuyin’s attention. It was Chu Lingxi, her thin body swayed over with what seemed like a sweet smile. When she saw the cleaned Wei Wuyin, she was deeply shocked, her heart fluttering. Wei Wuyin’s silver eyes contained a hint of purity and brilliance unlike any she’d ever seen, his muscles were like sculptured marble, and his handsomeness couldn’t be more vibrant. She gulped without much thought, her heart filled with all sorts of fire. Wei Wuyin softly smiled at this woman, this toothless smile revealed even more of his good looks. However, if he did open his mouth, she would shockingly find him with fractured teeth and missing one’s. As he hadn’t been able to heal or use pills, he lacked the ability to regrow them.

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However, the Wei Wuyin today didn’t seem to care much. In fact, he got up and walked towards Chu Lingxi with his gaze fixated on the clothing. The fabric seemed soft. He liked soft things. Chu Lingxi said, “I’ve handled your processing, you’re an honorary disciple of the Verdant Way Hall, a disciple of the Eden Earth Sect starting today.” She handed him the set of robes and a parchment. On the surface of the parchment were the words: “Eden Earth’s 180 Rules.” Wei Wuyin grabbed the robes and quickly started to place them on himself. It wasn’t long before he was dressed, his movements seemed practiced as if done simply by muscle memory. The outfit suited him perfectly, being tight around the right areas, and loose in others.

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