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The creaking sounds finally stopped. On this heavy night, a low voice gradually calmed down.
A subtle rustling sound of the sheets could be heard as the man got up.
As Stella Sealey looked at the scratch marks on his back, she felt a sudden impulse, and reflexively grabbed his wrist.
“Could you stay here tonight?”
Weston paused. Without turning back and letting her keep the view of his perfectly toned back, he buttoned up his shirt.
Stella was anxious. Her fingers clenched at the already wrinkled sheets, further crumpling them.
She held her breath as if to wait for his judgment. After a long while, she heard him say, “Okay.” Stella breathed a sigh of relief.
She even felt tears well up in her eyes. The man turned around.
He was strikingly tall and had chiseled handsome features, and his deep eyes looked like the starry night sky.
This man was her husband, Weston Ford.
Sole heir of Ford Corporation, he was the youngest man to ever top the Fortune’s List, and the most prestigious businessman around the globe.

Mr. Ford Is Jealous Chapter 1 – 5

Mr. Ford Is Jealous Chapter 6 – 10

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