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Mated To The Beastly Alpha Novel Synopsis
WARNING: Mature Content: This book contains violence, explicit words, and s*x.
Some words that might not be liked by others. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Liam Hallows was a beast that everyone feared, ruthless, and filled with anger.
He was born to torment his oppressors and hates the word mate or love.
His ideal type is a one-night stand, fvcks and never to be heard of again.
What happens when Liam had a one-night stand with a girl who he accidentally imprinted on, a mistake he dreads his entire life?
Nicole Mallory, the perfect luna who was loved and adored by all except her mate.
She was forced to watch her mate have s3x with different omegas as a punishment for being given to him as a source to pay her parent’s debts.
Too much pain and agony had her drinking in the bar and ending up in bed with a total stranger who wanted her but he was the same, exactly like his mate.
Would Liam be able to win the heart of the girl he imprinted on or would she be able to tame the beast that is ready to devour her?
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Mated To The Beastly Alpha Chapter 1 – 5

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Chapter 6 – 10

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Chapter 11 – 16

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Chapter 17 – 24

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Chapter 25 – 27

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