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Luna Aleksa’s Escape Novel Synopsis

Twenty-year-old Aleksa had a perfect life, or so she thought.
She is Luna to Alpha Lachlan of the Evergreen Pack, she is Mother to two beautiful twins – Liam and Layla.
She even has her dream job as a Realtor in a nearby Human Town.

Until one day when her world is turned upside down, Aleksa realizes all is not as it seems.
How will Aleksa escape her not-so-fairytale life?
After leaving her fated mate, will she have a Second Chance Mate? Will Aleksa get her happily ever after?
Read all the chapters of this amazing story to find out more…

Luna Aleksa’s Escape Chapter 1 – 5

Luna Aleksa’s Escape Chapter 6 – 10

Luna Aleksa’s Escape Chapter 11 – 35

Luna Aleksa’s Escape Chapter 36 – 60

Luna Aleksa’s Escape Chapter 61 – end

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