Daily Crypto Signals: Day 2 Signal Updates

Everyday we bring you the latest cryptocurrency trading signals. Before you trade, here are a couple of things you should know:

  • Crypto trading signals are regular trading recommendations or ideas to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at a certain time and price.
  • In general, crypto trade signals are generated by either a professional trader or bots and trading algorithms that identify trading opportunities based on price action.
  • Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. There is a chance you will lose your money.
  • Trade with Caution: Trade only what you can afford to lose.

Today Top Cryptocurrency Signals

Improve your cryptocurrency trading performance with these Crypto Signals.


All take-profit targets achieved

Profit: 78:7402%

Period: 3 Hours 51 Minutes


Buy Range:- $1.60 – $1.63
TP:$1.65-$1.70 – $1.75-$1.80 – $1.90-$2
Stop Loss:- $1.18
Trade at your own risk


All take-profit targets achieved

Profit: 29.661%

Period: 16 Days 12 Hours 18 Minutes


All take-profit targets achieved

Profit: 19.0244%

Period: 2 Days 11 Hours 15 Minutes

BTC supports and resistance Analysis –

$60120 – $60390 weak
$60000 psychological
$58050 – $58500 neutral
$55260 – $55512 strong

Resistances –
$63900 – $64600 neutral resistance.
$70000 can be psychological resistance.
No technical resistances after $64600.

So we are happy to see our February Analysis came true now, and as per that Analysis #ETH reached $2500 exactly correlating with our BTC-ETH correlation Analysis.

As per next correlation Analysis – BTC $126000 = ETH $9900 , it’s just correlation Analysis.

Currently BTC is holding the bullish trend on short term targeting $72000. But if it closes below $60660 on daily candle then things can change.


Buy Range: $2430 – $2435

TP: $2465 – $2475 – $2485
Stop Loss: $2385
X10 X20
Trade at your own risk


Buy :$13 – $14
TP : $16 – $18 – $20
Stop loss: $9.50
Trade at your own risk

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