Daily Crypto Signals: Day 13 Signal Updates

Everyday we bring you the latest cryptocurrency trading signals. Before you trade, here are a couple of things you should know:

  • Crypto trading signals are regular trading recommendations or ideas to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at a certain time and price.
  • In general, crypto trade signals are generated by either a professional trader or bots and trading algorithms that identify trading opportunities based on price action.
  • Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. There is a chance you will lose your money.
  • Trade with Caution: Trade only what you can afford to lose.

Today Top Crypto Signals

Improve your cryptocurrency trading performance with these Crypto Signals.


Buy Range: 1.54$ TP: 1.52$ – 1.51$ – 1.50$
Stop Loss: 1.58$
Trade at your own risk


Buy Range : 95$-97$
TP : 100$ – 107$
Stop loss: 82$
Trade at your own risk


Buy Range: 0.039$ – 0.04$
TP: 0.043$ – 0.048$ – 0.080$
Stop Loss : 0.035$
Trade at your own risk


Buy Range: 39$ – 40$
TP: 41.3$-48$ – 80$
Stop Loss: 33$
Trade at your own risk


Buying Range : 23.5$-24$
TP: 28$-33$
Stop Loss: 22$
Trade at your own risk

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