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Zoe’s Pov | groaned as I woke up, the sun streaming through the crack in my curtains pulling me from my slumber.
Sitting up I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, tucking my dark matted hair behind my ear as I scanned my small apartment.
I didn’t have a lot of money and I lived alone, but since I travelled a lot I didn’t need a big place, especially when it would be only me living there.
Looking around I took note of my bedroom, my black sheets thin due to my hotter than normal body heat as they covered the double bed which was pressed against the wall.
I didn’t have any photos about, my shelves filled with either books or papers which were littered around the rooms in my place.
Getting up I stretched, a yelp falling from my slightly uneven lips as felt my shoulder pop deliciously.
I know you’re wondering who I am, let me explain.
My name is Zoe Greenwoods and I am 17 years old and I have lived alone since I got kicked out at the age of 12.
I know what you’re thinking, what kind of parents would kick out and make their child homeless at the small age of 12.
Mine did but I will explain why later.
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Unwished Bonding Chapter 1 – 5

Unwished Bonding Chapter 6 – 10

Unwished Bonding Chapter 11 – 15

Unwished Bonding Chapter 16 – 22

Unwished Bonding Chapter 23 – 30

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