The Virgin’s Revenge Novel Read/Download Online

The Virgin’s Revenge is a story of Bethany Rivera who was sexually  assaulted by a gang of brothers. It is a novel full of fun and revenge. It is available in PDFs for easy access, all you need to read The Virgin’s Revenge is a stable network to read online or download for offline purposes.

Novel Synopsis

The thunder and lightening in the cold dark night sen shivers down Bethany’s spine as she was trying to flee the deadly fate that was just around the corner.
The cold winds blew some strands of hair in her terrified face making her vision blurr.
Soon the clouds gave off to tears and a heavy downpour commenced the shattering sounds surged her erratic heartbeat, adrenaline filled her blood to the core.
She kept running in the forest but all the tracks led her deeper into the danger.
The lurking shadows in the dark soon caught up to her surrounding her just like a city besiged by its

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The Virgin’s Revenge Chapter 1 – 5

The Virgin’s Revenge Chapter 6 – 10

The Virgin’s Revenge Chapter 11 – 15

The Virgin’s Revenge Chapter 16 – 20

The Virgin’s Revenge Chapter 21 – 56

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