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Riannon stood there not quite believing her eyes. Her husband of six years had his arm wrapped around a petite girl in the middle of their pack house.
The cute ginger head peeked at her discretely and Ria could swear that she saw a smirk for half of a second.
“Ri, dear,” Brayden, her legal husband, chosen mate and the Alpha of their pack addressed her in a way he always did when they were alone, “I need to confess…
I have found my true mate. Her name is Roxanne.”

The silence in the room was deadly since the moment the two of them walked in, holding hands.
Everyone stopped doing what they were doing and all eyes were on the three of them. The Alpha, the Luna and the Alpha’s mate.
Ria couldn’t force herself to say anything, so Brayden took the lead.

“Listen, I know that we are chosen mates and you will always be my Luna, I assure you of that. But since my wolf saw Roxy, he is going nuts.
It will be bad for the pack if I rejected her now. He wouldn’t be able to deal with it. And it will weaken us.”
I will be posting all the latest chapters here regularly make sure you check in always, it’s a picture you don’t want to be out of.

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