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She strolled towards their door. She even squatted down so that her steps would not be noisy.
She also hides herself in the furniture that pa**ed by so she couldn’t be seen immediately.
“Where are you going?”
It startled her at the same time she sighed. She also turned to her father’s direction and saw him staring at her.
She sniffed to have a pity effect on him, but he was probably the father who was very hard to tame.
“Outside, Pappi,” she said with a smile on her face.
“In this house, there is a law. When it is forbidden to go out, it is forbidden to go out!” litany of his father.
She got bored with it. She was fed up with that dialogue with Kim Chiu.
It went viral recently on social media and almost everyone in the Philippines remembers it.
I will be posting all the latest chapters of The Billionaire’s Secret Affairs timely so make sure to check in for you to read and download online.

The Billionaire’s Secret Affairs Chapter 1 – 5

The Billionaire’s Secret Affairs Chapter 6 – 10

The Billionaire’s Secret Affairs Chapter 11 – 24

The Billionaire’s Secret Affairs Chapter 25 – 34

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