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Novel Synopsis

“I don’t want to put up with you anymore. You’re such a good-for-nothing. Do you know how much ridicule | suffered to
keep this marriage working? | deserve someone better. Let’s end this broken marriage, * Henry’s Wife said. Henry Brown,
Emily Miller’s husband, had always been subject to disdain from the Miller family due to his poor financial ability and his
lack of notable achievements. He was regarded as a scum and deadbeat husband by everyone. However, when Henry
Brown was left for dead by those who wanted to relive themselves of the stain Henry Brown’s name caused them, he
received a second chance at survival by a god who granted him special abilities. Back to avenge those who killed him,
Henry Brown used his exceptional abilities to climb to the top where he won’t be looked down on by anyone. Henry
vowed to make his wife and the Miller’s family crawl on their knees, begging him. Watch as he rise to the top to
dominate the whole world!

Scum Husband Became A Billionaire Genius Chapter 1 – 5

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