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This is A-must read novel which will teach you a lot on letting things go and know marital tolerance.
Revenge Against My Ex-husband Novel has so many exciting chapters and i believe you will like and want to read more. All you need to do is always check upon update of the novel.

Synopsis of Revenge Against My Ex-husband Chinses Novel

The smell of disinfectant pervaded the air in the hospital. Irene Nelson dashed out of the doctor’s office
excitedly with the lab results in her hands. Just when she was about to make a phone call, her cellphone
rang. When she picked it up, she heard her uncle say, “Irene, is everything alright between you and
Edric?” “We’re fine. Why did you ask?” “I heard that Edric brought a pregnant lady to the hospital for a
prenatal checkup the day before yesterday…” Irene burst into laughter and replied, “You think Edric has
a kept woman?” “Yes!” “Don’t worry. Of all men, Edric’s the last person in the world who would do such
a thing.” After Irene hung up the call with her uncle, she called Edric Myers. However, he only answered
after the phone rang for a long time. “I’m very busy. Don’t call and disturb me if it’s nothing important!
That’s it for now.” He sounded cold and emotionless and hung up before Irene could say anything. Irene
held onto the test results, feeling as if her burning passion was frozen instantly. Since they got married
three years ago, Edric was always very gentle to her. But recently, there was an abrupt change in his
attitude, not only cold, even when answering her call, he was also impatient, which made her wonder
what caused such a drastic change in him. With her mind preoccupied by her thoughts, Irene turned and
saw a figure pop up before her. “Sis!” a gentle voice called out. When Irene looked over, she saw Lily
Cook who was accompanied by a middle-aged woman. Irene frowned at the sight of Lily, who was the
daughter of a mistress.
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Revenge Against My Ex-husband Chapter 1- 5

Revenge Against My Ex-husband Chapter 6 – 10

Revenge Against My Ex-husband Chapter 11 – 15

Revenge Against My Ex-husband Chapter 16 – 20

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