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My name is Robyn Landon. Today, I found myself sitting in the audience of my husband’s beauty pageant competition. Yes, you heard it right. I had to watch my husband pick the winner and couldn’t even feel a hint of jealousy.
The event took place at the Monreso Exhibition Center. To be honest, I hadn’t planned on coming, but when I heard that my husband, Ian, would be presenting the awards, I couldn’t resist being part of the audience. Ian was the President of Winter Medical Group, a family-owned business with a chain of plastic surgery and general hospitals.
During the award ceremony, he appeared on stage with the hostess, waving to the crowd. He was dressed in a sharp black suit and even wore the tie I personally picked and gifted him on his birthday. He had a tall, well-built physique and handsome facial features. He also exuded elegance and charm. He was always the center of attention, no matter where he went.
As soon as he stepped into the spotlight, the girls next to me started screaming his name in shrill and ecstatic voices.
“Let’s give a big round of applause to Eileen for winning this year’s beauty pageant!”
The audience erupted in applause.

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Recovery of Love Chapter 1 – 22

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