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I could hear the smooth voice of Miss. Ava, as she goes on teaching in the large hall some theory Aristotle once came up with.
But my mind isn’t focused on her.
Her voice fades away as I glare at the black-haired boy sitting on the other side of the room with his fingers softly thrumming on the table.
His eyes are focused on the female teacher, possibly listening to the lecture going on while I watch him like a freak from afar.

Brad Benson, son to the Alpha of Lunar pack, and next in line to be Alpha.
He’s the kind of guy every girl in town wants for herself and still runs after, even though he’s dumped them before.
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Prince Reagan Chapter 1 – 20

Prince Reagan Chapter 21 – 37

Prince Reagan Chapter 38 – 53

Prince Reagan Chapter 54 – 68

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