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My Three Darlings is a Chinese story about Eliza Lawson who didn’t want to get married to the third son of the Valentine family because of his renowned brutality and ugly appearance.
As a result, Eliza Lawson dreads the uncontrollable thought of getting married to him.

Download and read “My Three Darlings by Anonymous” PDF novel for free. This is a great novel with powerful story and characters that bring smiles, tears, love, care, war, and all the emotions for readers and make them feel they are very engage in the story.

My Three Darlings novel is an urban romance story by Anonymous.

My Three Darlings is a Chinese novel. If you have link to the raw version, you can simply follow Novels.Fun novel translation guide to translate it into English, Tagalog or your preferred language.


The Elixir is a tragic story of Daisy Marie Collins who was born on the back of an ambulance, her mother was in severe pains as the hour of labour and child birth loomed and as her father drove her pregnant mother to the hospital, both parents were killed in a ghastly accident where a semi truck hit them. She was saved and subsequently stayed in the hospital for two months where her aunty came running….

My Three Darlings Chapter 1 – 5

My Three Darlings Chapter 6 – 10

My Three Darlings Chapter 11 – 15

My Three Darlings Chapter 16 – 60

My Three Darlings Chapter 61 – 105

My Three Darlings Chapter 106 – 132

My Three Darlings Chapter 133 – 153

My Three Darlings Chapter 154 – 165

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