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My Fake Husband Novel is a very captivating story. Similarly, it is one of the many Chinese novels in English available. It has been translated into English language. Therefore, it was done for more readership and reach. So with so many twists and turns it is definitely one that needs you to grab pot of popcorn and a refreshing soda. It is going to be a rollercoaster.

Additionally, you need a working browser to access My Fake Husband novel. Also, it needs a stable internet connection. You can download for offline convenience. Also you can choose to read online for free.

Her Fake Husband Novel is a novel for a specific age so be sure you don’t let children around it.

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“He’s a bum. I’ve told you a hundred times. You have to get out from under this guy,” Kiera said. “Believe me, I’d like to.
I just can’t afford it right now. He never listens to me,” I lamented. “Are you eating? What are you eating?
I can hear you.” “Nothing,” I said, trying to swallow too-big pieces of BBQ chips. “It’s crunchy. It’s chips isn’t it?
God, I miss chips.” “Sis, give up the Keto. I’m telling you, pork rinds are bad news.
They are not better for you than these sweet ass barbecue chips I have here. Totally wholesome.
Made from potatoes, not pig fat.” “Don’t disrespect pig fat. Bacon is excellent,” she protested. “Yes, it is, but it’s not everything,” I told her.
“I miss potatoes so much. Sometimes I lay awake and think about how much I’d like to have, like, a real burger with a bun and some fries.
Not just a big slab of meat with more meat on the side.” “You’re allowed to have vegetables,” I said. “I know, but vegetables suck.
All the good ones are potatoes.” “That’s it. For your birthday I’m getting you a five-pound bag of Idahos.” “You bitch.
I’d probably eat one raw,” she said. I laughed. “What am I going to do about this pipe?
I’ve looked it up on YouTube and tried to fix it myself. Six different ways. Nothing works.
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My Fake Husband Chapter 1 – 25

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