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To some, marriage is a word. To others, a sentence. Excerpt He unlocked his safe and pulled out some papers.
He threw them on my face and gestured me to pick them up. I glared at him refusing to listen.
“Come on, pick it up” he ordered like he was talking to a pet dog.

When I didn’t listen, he crouched down to my level and picked up the papers himself.
“Do you know what it is? It’s our marriage contract, read it” he threw them on my face again
“I said f*****g read it!” He yelled loudly

“Don’t make me do something, you’ll regret afterward, read it. I will beat you if I have to” he threatened
I picked it up with trembling hands and blurry vision. I saw my signature at the bottom of the page.
My breath seized as I stared at it.
“Read it,” he ordered standing tall before me.

1. I will not work.
2. I will respect my in-laws.
3. I will do whatever my husband tells me to do.
4. I will take care of my husband like an obedient wife whether I am treated like a wife or not.
5. I will bear children for my husband. I won’t have any parental right over them. My husband will have their sole custody.
6. Finally, I will be ready to go to bed with my husband at his wish whether I like it or not.

A single tear fell on the page, followed by many others. He snatched the contract back from me.
“Now, you understand your place?” He asked menacingly.
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