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Synopsis of Love At First Night Novel

In a presidential suite in Fonta Hotel. Steamy groans filled the dark room. “It hurts…. It hurts so much…”
Judith Cooper wondered if she was dreaming and why her body was so painful. “It’ll go away in a minute.
Hang on for a little bit.” A man’s sexy, magnetic voice came near her ear. It was low and with somewhat suppressed pain.
Judith snorted in discomfort, but the discomfort, as the man said, was indeed relieved in a while.
That man’s kisses were gentle but firm. They landed on Judith’s neck, breasts and thighs like rain, and then lingered on the breast part.
Though his lips were a little cold, they ignited Judith’s body like they were carrying magical sparkles.
Groans slipped out of Judith’s lips. Her senses told her to dodge, but her body did the opposite.
She leaned forward to let that man get easier access to her boobs..
That man’s hands moved past every inch of Judith’s body, almost burning her.
Her body tensed up more and more, and she crossed her legs like she wanted to stop the man’s trespassing, yet her wet body told another story.
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